When you join the Frequency Family, you become apart of our thriving community and support network.

We believe that when individuals come together with a shared vision, passion, and support, incredible things can be achieved on an individual, communal, and global level. 
The Frequency Family is committed to helping support every person that joins us on this path so that they may embark on their own personal growth journey into  finding their inner voice and power, and their unique gifts that they are meant to share with the world. 

We are here to support you, give you the tools and resources you need to grow and thrive in this business, and provide you a space to co-create so that we may all rise together.

Our community is here to hold your hand, and lift you up, as you begin this new path.

We are here to support you as you learn everything you need to know about Healy, the business, and other tools that may help you along your personal growth journey. We have multiple communal chats and sub-threads where you can reach out and ask any questions that you may come up as you start working with your Healy and in the business. 
You can also be part of inspiring weekly calls where you can learn more about Healy and how you can use it for different areas of your life, a variety of personal development topics, and more in depth about the abundant business that you can create with Healy. You will be learning from some incredible leaders within the community who have been teaching for many years, and have an overflow of knowledge to share. 

This is a space where we can  co-create and weave together our passions and offerings, to further expand them into the world.

The community is not only here to support you as you learn and dive into the business, but it is a space where connections and deep, life-long bonds are formed. It is here within this space that passions and interests are woven together, and beautiful dreams and projects blossom. 
We currently have sub-groups such as Healy for Healers, a Womb Frequency Community, The Mother Frequency, and more. These are spaces where you can connect with other individuals who are interested in the same topics as you, and find ways to support and co-create together! We have seen incredibly powerful and inspiring calls, 

⟡ meet some of our community leaders that will be guiding you along your journey. ⟡

Sarah Bliss

A worldschooling rebel Mama of 4 who began her network marketing journey nearly a decade ago as a young mom on food stamps praying for a way to exit the status quo. Since then she has built multiple 7 figure businesses, mentored communities of over 60,000 people, and guided thousands of women to transform their lives. 

Fernanda Parra-Chico

Fernanda is a sought-after designer of rituals and rites of passage for women. She is a taurean mama of 3, originally from Guanajuato, Mexico. She guides women into their power by helping them access the quantum through soul work, archetypes, dreams, & myth. She is devoted to inner union, and in service of the god & goddess within.

SJ Goods

Sara Jade is a mother, multi-faceted mentor and space holder walking with women to recognise their sovereignty and unique creative expression. Weaving her passions of bridging more ease and beauty into branding and business, uplifting entrepreneurs in energetic integrity, healing arts and nurturing community.

Anni Daulter

Anni is an artist of life, a word activation witch, and woman of character. She is a lover of shifting perspectives into full belief of possible. She is a soul home designer, hand crafter of beauty in every form, an author of a bunch of books,  obsessed with frequency and Healy and has a handful of kids she adores. Anni runs world wide soul stretching retreats in sacred lands & creates containers of deep transformation. She aches to help every soul believe in magick again, like maybe they did when they were kids. 

Rachel Oldham

Rachel is an Aquarian mama inspired by adventure, nutrient dense foods, local flora and fauna, and all things homemade. In her life, she’s had a successful career in Nashville’s music industry, owned a locally sourced catering business, starred in musicals, surfed small waves and climbed big mountains all over the world.
For now, she’s homesteading in the mountains of East Tennessee, from where she uses her voice to inspire the new earth revolution.

Anna Lozano

Anna Lozano is a powerhouse global entrepreneur with success in network marketing, product based business and in the Mentorship space.
This 4/6 sacral generator has the energy to launch and scale multiple businesses successfully at once, all while raising two mindful girls in the lake/mountain town of Kelowna, BC.

Ayesha Ophelia

Ayesha Ophelia is a rising voice in spirituality and wellness. Her work meets at the intersection of creativity and the seen and unseen realms.
She walks the path of the muses which are; art, creativity and the spark of inspiration living in us all. Her other paths are herbalism, body ecology, frequency, and human potential.

Carly Rose

Carly Rose is passionate about holistic healing, rewilding, and financial sovereignty, Carly strives to support people to freedom through utilizing intelligent systems. She likes to think of her work as “permaculture meets financial freedom”. Her dream is to have as many ethical people making 6/7 figures as possible.

Kelli Mason

Kelli Mason is a published author, energetics coach, and mom of two. She brings two decades of expertise as a hairdresser, energy healer, and yoga teacher to empower individuals in expanding their consciousness. Her main focus is worthiness and embodied leadership to help others find purpose and express themselves fully in order to live their limitless soul life.

Kristi King Perras

Kristi King Perras is a Multi-Passionate, Transformational and Intuitive Soul Guide. Coach, and Business Mentor. She is obsessed with all things Frequency, Healing and Expansion of Consciousness. Kristi helps individuals come home to their soul’s truth, activate infinite potentiality & step into full authentic expression, embodiment, leadership, & mission.

Marta Wanderlust

Marta is a mother, author and a facilitator of sacred spaces who has dedicated the past decade to a deep exploration of the many pathways to Spirit.

Empowered by motherhood to be unapologetically herself, she shares the medicine of movement, breath, plant spirits and quantum frequency, offering containers of radical awakening.


Demetra is an artist of Spirit, a sound healer and plant potion crafter. From wild spaces and magic places, Demetra calls on the earth elements, the cosmos, the angelic realms, and her inner world to weave a tapestry of etheric melodies that touch something beyond human experience. Her soothing, soulful songs and plant potions are infused with the myriad, mystical wonders of nature and spirit. She believes that humans understanding frequency is an ancient future key that will help set humanity free.

Jenny Bitner

Jenny lives by her mantra, Freedom Is Our Currency, in all ways. She lives between Canada and the Caribbean coast of Mexico with her cute little family. She teaches team coherence through the frequency of FUN and her Spiritual embodiment around the Power of the Mind and merging Soul & Strategy into success is her claim to fame.

Amelie Gervais

Amelie is a Naturotherapist living in Mexico; raising 3 little humans while creating a life of adventure and travel. She’s a freedom advocate passionate about supporting her clients in raising their frequency to bring their biggest dreams into reality. She’s made it her mission to support a community of heart-centered humans to live in abundance, outside of conventional terms.

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