According to Dr. Robert O. Becker in his book “The Body Electric,” the human body has electrical frequency. Since everything in the universe vibrates at its own specific frequency,  you can harmonize the pattern to one of health and balance.

Healy triggers the terrain environment of the body's current state to allow for an educated response that naturally finds homeostasis. Working with frequencies allows us to locate and reconnect with our original blueprint, so that we can live in our highest resonance.

Meet the Healy

Healy is the world's first wearable micro-current quantum frequency device. The quantum sensor scans the user‘s personal bio-field to assess their state of health. By connecting with what is most in resonance at that moment, the quantum sensor scans and delivers real-time information to activate the natural cellular communication of the body. Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance mind and body, relieve stress, reduce pain and harmonize energy. 
There are thousands of testimonials from people around the world sharing how Healy has helped them to improve their sleep, headaches, physical pain, anxiety, depression, and so much more. It is portable and small enough to bring along while in the car or traveling so you can be in the present state anywhere you are.

Different Ways You Can Use Healy


Adhesive electrodes stick directly to your skin, and connect to your Healy through a thin and flexible cable. Microfrequencies are sent directly to the body through this contact. Electrodes are best used with programs that target certain conditions such as migraines, and sore muscles or chronic pain.


Comfy, velcro wrist straps that are easily strapped on to your body, and connect to your Healy through a small cable. As with the electrodes, the frequencies are sent through the body with direct contact by sending microcurrent electricity. The wristbands are the most versatile way to use Healy, & can be used with ALL programs.

Wireless Coil

The coil is a wireless way to use our Healy. Perfect for people who have contradictions from using the microcurrent therapy, as the coil works with IMF (individualized microcurrent frequency), and those contraditions do not apply. The coil is perfect for children and those who may not want to wear a wire while running the programs! 


The Maghealy is a portable device about the size of an "Alexa" that uses the same Healy technology to transmute frequencies, but rather than send the programs to the Bioenergetic Field of a person, the Mag Healy sends them to a  space through a pulsating magnetic field aimed at harmonizing your surroundings. 

Choosing the Healy Edition Best for You:

When purchasing a Healy, the buyer is presented with the choice of five different "editions". All Healy editions look the same, and use the same  hardware but the difference lies in which programs
 are available for that particular edition.

We recommend both the professional and resonance plus, as they include the coaching module which is an incredible tool for yourself and others; and you are getting access to nearly ALL of the different programs available. 

Connect back with whoever sent you this website for more information on the Healy Editions and how to choose and purchase yours.

Dive Deeper into Frequencies:

To learn more about Healy, and how to use the power of Frequencies to change your health and your life, check out these videos below to dive deeper into the science and research behind Healy. Also make sure to connect back to whoever sent you here to get more information, and have your questions answered.
Intro to Healy

Watch as Arihia explains
a basic overview about what Healy is & how it works (12 min)
Marcus on "What is Healy"
Timewaver and Healy creator Marcus Schmiecke talks everything about Healy.
Healy Deep Dive
Djai shares clarity & answers questions on the inner workings of the HEALY technology.

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