What would shift for you if you never,  ever, had to make another decision based on whether or not you can afford something? 

Instead, you made decisions based on what is in deepest alignment for you right here,   right now.

This experience of true freedom, to choose without restriction, compromise or scarcity, is your birthright.

We are here to help guide others to true financial freedom so that they can live their dream life from a place of nourishment and overflow.

Through the support of our expansive community, using frequencies as a tool for realignment, and personal growth systems that allow each individual to find their gifts and passions, we've seen huge quantum leaps and dreams come true for so many people who've decided to join us on this journey. 

✦ Mothers being able to create true financial wealth to support themselves and their family.

✦ Fathers being able to "come home" from their job, and not missing a moment of family life.

✦ Women realizing their true passions in life, and being able to have space to follow them.

‚ú¶ Men connecting with a global community of like-minded people for the first time, and being apart of something greater than themselves.

‚ú¶ Individuals being able to travel to places on their bucket list, buy land like they've always wanted to, follow their dreams, while be supported and nourished like they never knew was possible

We are Bringing Forth A Radical Realignment of Network Marketing

In our world, we’re breaking all the rules & pioneering a new path–
New Paradigm
Network Marketing. 

This lineage based, collaborative business model breaks down the barrier to entry and allows anyone with a vision and values that align to plug into a proven, turnkey system with built in high level training, strategy, support, mentorship and community.

The system that we use allows you to evolve from the dollar for hour model and invest your time and energy now so that you can get paid back in time, energy and money long into the future.

So much of the world now does business online, and we will teach you to layer in a fully portable, systemized, online income stream that can be run from your phone from anywhere in the world.

If you ... 

✦ have always wanted to start your own business
and haven’t had the capital or confidence to begin,

✦ are tired
of being the only one responsible for your business to run,

‚ú¶ thrive in a space of connection
, support, mutual admiration, and with powerful and clear systems and strategy,

‚ú¶ want to layer in additional income streams
that can pay you for time you’re already spending on social media,

‚ú¶ want to serve your current clients or community
at a higher level with an aligned and highly effective product,

‚ú¶ know that it is time to ditch the status quo
and create generational wealth on your own terms,

... you are in the right place.

Network marketing is a beautiful relationship based business model perfectly suited to the modern world of social media and affiliate marketing, and is a powerful way to begin to generate income from the time you are already spending online every day.

Our community has partnered with Healy, a revolutionary frequency device that harmonizes the human energy field through applied quantum and microcurrent programs. This tiny device has had a massive impact, and is naturally magnetic. It folds in as a solution in many larger conversations around energy, frequency and vibration, health sovereignty, reality crafting, biohacking, and general well being and health optimization. 

Sarah Bliss on  Creating Passive Income + This Business Pathway

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